Renee Hobbs

Renee Hobbs is Professor and Director of the Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island, she is the author of The Library Screen Scene (Oxford University Press, 2019), Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy (Wiley, 2017), Copyright Clarity (Corwin/Sage, 2011) as well as many other books, publications, and award-winning multimedia. She co-edited The International Encyclopedia on Media Literacy (Wiley, 2019), with over 250 entries from global contributors. Hobbs also created Mind Over Media, a crowdsourced digital learning platform for analyzing contemporary propaganda, working with European educators to examine the potential of media literacy pedagogies as a means to promote intellectual curiosity. Hobbs co-directs the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Literacy, a leadership development program. She also helped found the organization that became the National Association for Media Literacy Education. Hobbs earned an EdD in Human Development from Harvard University, an M.A in Communication and B.A. in English Literature from the University of Michigan

Renee Hobbs
Professor of Communication Studies
Harrington School of Communication and Media
University of Rhode Island USA