Research Director

Maria Chiara Pettenati

Research Director INDIRE (National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research)

I’ve spent the last years learning a lot in teachers’ training. I’m currently applying this knowledge in my role as Research Director at INDIRE, where since 2014 I’m responsible for the online environment to support newly qualified teachers’ Induction period. On behalf of my institute and upon a mandate of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, one of my latest challenge has been coordinating a national distributed research team participated by about 70 members to study the first three years implementation of the National Teachers CPD (Continuous Professional Development Plan) – Piano Nazionale Formazione Docenti 2016/19.
As Indire’s delegate in the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development in Goal 4 (Quality Education) and Target 4.7 (Education for Sustainable Development) working groups, I am passionate about bringing the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 in teachers training through Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Education.