Organising Committee

The ATEE Spring Conference in Florence will be chaired by Maria Ranieri, PhD, Professor of Education and Technology, who will take in charge the organising committee. This latter will also include ATEE members staff and FORLILPSI UNIFI administration staff.

FORLILPSI has an extensive experience in the organisation of international conferences, which ensures the quality of the organisation.

Chair of the conference

Maria Ranieri, University of Florence, IT

Organising Committee

  • Stefano Cuomo, University of Florence, IT
  • Michiel Heijnen, ATEE Vice-President
  • Laura Menichetti, University of Florence, IT
  • Davide Parmigiani, ATEE President
  • Maria Ranieri, University of Florence, IT
  • Mariagrazia Tagliabue, ATEE Secretariat

Communication staff

  • Ilaria Romagnoli,

Managing Editor

  • Laura Menichetti,

Editorial staff

  • Francesco Fabbro,
  • Elena Gabbi,
  • Cristina Gaggioli,
  • Damiana Luzzi,
  • Marta Pellegrini,
  • Alice Roffi,