Digital technology and equity for inclusive teaching

Thursday 28th October 2021 – Afternoon Session

CHAIR: Paolo Raviolo – eCampus

14:00-14:20 Digital dilemmas: using vignettes to explore design issues for inclusive digital learning
Stephanie Thomson, University of Aberdeen – Susanne Huber, Seminare für Ausbildung und Fortbildung der Lehrkräfte – Sarah Cornelius, University of Aberdeen – Melanie Schwartz, Seminare für Ausbildung und Fortbildung der Lehrkräfte – Mhairi Beaton, Leeds Beckett University
Presenter: Stephanie Thomson
14:20-14:40 Innovative approaches for the inclusion of each and every one
Filippo Dettori, University of Sassari – Barbara Letteri, University of Sassari
Presenter: Barbara Letteri
14:40-15:00 Reading comprehension and technologies for students with deafness
Cristina Gaggioli, University of Florence – Moira Sannipoli, University of Perugia
Presenter: Cristina Gaggioli, Moira Sannipoli
15:00-15:20 Using SPOC to improve teacher students’ basic digital skills
Marianne Hagelia, Østfold University College
Presenter: Marianne Hagelia

CHAIR: Donatella Persico – ITD-CNR

15:50-16:10 From digital technology in teachers’ education to PON projects in schools
  Annalisa Vio – Med / Ministry of Education
  Presenter: Annalisa Vio
16:10-16:30 Learning through information technology in elementary school, city of Durres
Rita Loloci, Aleksander Moisiu University – Ervjola Ismolli, Aleksander Moisiu University
Presenter: Rita Loloci
16:30-16:50 A learning design framework infused by UDL to develop coding activities for initial teacher education
Barbara Bruschi, University of Turin – Manuela Repetto, University of Turin
Presenter: Manuela Repetto
16:50-17:10 Moving forwards: using search tools on the classroom
Emiliana Murgia, University of Milano Bicocca
Presenter: Emiliana Murgia

Friday 29th October 2021 – Morning Session

CHAIR: Maurizio Sibilio – University of Salerno

10:30-10:50 Social4school: educating on awareness in online social networks
  Livio Bioglio, University of Torino – Sara Capecchi, University of Torino – Aurelia De Lorenzo, University of Torino – Valentina Di Noi, University of Torino – Gian Manuel Marino, University of Torino – Ruggero G. Pensa, University of Torino – Michele Settanni, University of Torino – Simona Tirocchi, University of Torino – Giulia Venturini, University of Torino
  Presenter: Sara Capecchi
10:50-11:10 Technology-enhanced learning as a driver of inclusive approaches: a cross-case analysis of teacher training programmes
Laura Fedeli, University of Macerata
Presenter: Laura Fedeli
11:10-11:30 Representations of persons with disabilities in Norwegian textbooks for primary school – contribution to an inclusive school?
Marte Herrebroden, Østfold University College – Magne Skibsted Jensen, Østfold University College – Rune Andreassen, Østfold University College
Presenter: Marte Herrebroden, Magne Skibsted Jensen

CHAIR:Andrea Garavaglia – University of Milano

12:00-12:20 On the relationship between ethics and simulations in teacher education in Israel
  Amalia Ran, MOFET Institute
  Presenter: Amalia Ran
12:20-12:40 The local context and the curriculum. An identity for the small and rural schools
Alessandra Anichini, INDIRE – Cannella Giuseppina, INDIRE – Rudi Bartolini, INDIRE
Presenter: Alessandra Anichini
12:40-13:00 Can digital education provide an effective bridge between formal and non-formal education? Experiences from teachers and youth workers at the frontline.
Connie O’Regan, National University of Ireland – Bernadine Brady, National University of Ireland – Cornelia Connolly, National University of Ireland – Cliona Murray, National University of Ireland – Paul Flynn, National University of Ireland – Pat Dolan, National University of Ireland – Gerry Mac Ruairc, National University of Ireland
Presenter: Connie O’Regan

Friday 29th October 2021 – Afternoon Session

CHAIR: Laura Menichetti – University of Florence

14:00-14:20 The Bridge21 framework for technology-mediated, 21st century teacher professional development: Impact on teachers and implications for equitable, inclusive classrooms
  Aibhìn Bray, Trinity College Dublin – Jake Rowan Byrne, Trinity College Dublin – Brendan Tangney, Trinity College Dublin – Elizabeth Oldham, Trinity College Dublin
  Presenter: Aibhín Bray
14:20-14:40 Before and after the lockdown: analysis of the perceptions of a group of students involved in an educational robotics project
Beatrice Miotti, INDIRE – Daniela Bagattini, INDIRE
Presenter: Beatrice Miotti
14:40-15:00 An advanced-level online course design: preparing culturally responsive teachers for digitally inclusive teaching
Yaprak Dalat Ward, Fort Hays State University
Presenter: Yaprak Dalat Ward
15:00-15:20 Applying the bifocal modeling framework in the Italian school system: “making-science” with special needs students
Tamar Fuhrmann, Teachers College, Columbia University – Lorenzo Guasti, INDIRE – Jessica Niewint-Gori, INDIRE – Livia Macedo, Teachers College, Columbia University
Presenter: Lorenzo Guasti